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Strategic Pricing

We will work with you to price your property competitively to generate the most interest while maintaining its best value. We want to help you set the best price upfront to attract serious buyers to sell for top dollar and quickly.

Aggressive Marketing

We have a highly skilled, marketing savvy team ready to get your listing out there to the world of prospective buyers. A home that is properly marketed is not only much more likely to sell, but it’s much more likely to sell for a higher price. Our marketing tactics are designed to generate broad consumer awareness for your home.


Our agents help you showcase the best parts of your home, raising the perceived value and attracting the right buyers. You don't get a second chance to make a first impression, and we make sure your house is staged perfectly for potential buyers.

Open Houses

Open houses are used to market the majority of homes for sale — almost two-thirds (63%) of sellers end up hosting one. We have our luxury homes' Open Houses sponsored with catered refreshments and professional flyers to give visitors a pleasant experience when touring your home.


Our agents have connections to professional photographers who will produce images of your luxury home that resonate and appeal to buyers. Not only do professional photographs help you sell your home quickly, but it can also help you get a better offer.

Expert Negotiation

Godwyn & Stone knows how to market and sell real estate, and we will help you find not just any buyer, but the right buyer for your home. Our team will work to be a powerful negotiator on your behalf to ensure the highest possible return for you and pave the way to a smooth closing.

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